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RCCL Changelog

All notable changes to the RCCL Core Component Library will be documented in this file. Newest releases are at the top of this document. For questions about this changelog, contact

[2.6.0] -- 2024-04-10 


  • Adds “Homepage Hero Carousel” to the Alternative Home CT 
  • Updates Drupal Core minimum requirement from 9.5.10 -> 9.5.11 
  • Updates the CAS authentication module from 8.x-1.7 -> 2.20 
  • Removes deprecated Drupal modules on new RCCL installs: color, and quickedit 
    • Site owners should manually remove these from existing RCCL sites.
  • Changes the RDF module to a contributed module 
  • Copyright updates 
    • Updates footer twig file to point default copyright footer URL to 
    • Updates the custom Footer block default link to 
    • Instructs the customer Footer update to not overwrite a change made to the default 
  • Enhances the Descriptive Links component to display a full width accessibility overlay when a background image is used 
  • Makes Enhanced Secondary Navigation featured enabled by default on all new RCCL sites 

** Note: this release was done as a single merge request, deviating from the previous practice of using individual merge requests for individual changes.

[2.5.0] -- 2023-11-16

  • MR238 – logo updates to site default header, footer, favicon, and media library placeholder
  • MR237 – updates the default language on the Search bar from “Search Rutgers” to “Search”
  • MR236 – removes an unnecessary default setting related to the Google Search Engine ID
  • MR234 – fixes the issue with top padding disappearing when using white and “pale” color options on affected components
  • MR217 – changes the default URL pathways so the graduate and undergraduate feeds point to the Salesforce API

Note: the default logo updates applied in MR 238 will not override sites using a subtheme. RCCL sites customized with a subtheme will need to apply logo updates manually. 

Note: Release 2.5.0 pins the entity_share_websub module to version 1.0.0; the module will be updated in a future release. Contact if you previously upgraded the module to v1.1.0 and content syndication has stopped following this update.

[2.4.4] -- 2023-08-23

This update corrects a release process error associated with 2.4.3. Release 2.4.4 contains no new changes. It instead applies the change MR233 originally deployed in 2.4.3.  Please see notes for 2.4.3 for details. 

[2.4.3] -- 2023-08-15

  • MR233 -- fixes the anchor twig issue in the following paragraph types: 
    • link-grid 

 For RCCL sites using a sub-theme, please also see the release notes for 2.4.2

[2.4.2] -- 2023-08-9

  • MR232 -- corrects a rendering error on three components that could not be addressed in release 2.4.1. These three paragraph types are updated in this release:
    • events-display  
    • events-filtered-display  
    • mini-site-listing 
  • This release also fixes some config problems that blocked the installation of a few modules.

 For RCCL sites using a sub-theme:

Here’s a list of the templates that will need the changes manually ported if they were overridden in the subtheme.




[2.4.1] -- 2023-08-2

  • MR231 -- Fixes the incorrect way that release 2.4.0 installed the config changes needed for the anchor links in MR 226.

[2.4.0] -- 2023-07-12

  • MR230 -- Added the Editoria11y Accessibility Checker module to RCCL. It is available to be enabled.
    • Learn more about this module here: 
  • MR224 -- Resolved "PHP 8.1 deprecation errors for rutgers_salesforce_events_import and rutgers_localist_events_import"
  • MR229 -- Update External Content Type UI for topic selection so the selector is a pick list
  • MR228 -- News All View Update ( only)
    • The page at /news/all did not have a title, after applying this change, there is a title on that page
  • MR227 -- Update "version" key in the installation profile's .info.yml to match RCCL version.
    • This is a static value and can be any string. We will be updating it going forward to match the RCCL version. The value can be seen by going to /admin/reports/status and looking for "Installation Profile" under "Checked".
  • MR226 -- Anchor Link Upgrade This change adds a field named "Anchor Value" for most components.
    • This is not a replacement for the Anchor button in the editor. That button can still be used. The anchor created by this field is more accurate and delivers a better experience for users.
    • To see the list of components with the new anchor value and documentation please see the notes for MR226

[2.3.0] -- 2023-04-24

  • MR216 -- Added asset_injector to the list of required modules
    • This module simplifies the process of quickly adding CSS and/or JS to Drupal websites without modifying a site’s original theme.  
  • MR218 -- Add drupal/media_file_delete to the modules being installed
    • This module gives content editors the option to delete the associated file when deleting a media entity.
  • MR219 -- Enhanced 50/50 has no option to bullet text in the description text
    • The Enhanced 50/50 component can now utilize bulleted text lists in the description area.
  • MR222 -- Reduce ambient video bandwidth on the homepage
    • This applies only to
  • MR223 -- Basic header z-index update
    • This fixes the problem where the main menu dropdowns do not show when the emergency banner is in place.


[2.2.3] -- 2023-03-07
## Fixed
- The placement of the legacy secondary navigation menu broke when the enhanced secondary navigation was added. This release fixes that problem.

[2.2.2] -- 2023-02-03
## Fixed
- missing dependencies in the enhanced 50/50 module (MR-210)

NOTE: These are the warnings which are occasionally seen when enabling modules and, also, occasionally in the Drupal log. They are caused by a problem in Drupal core and can be disregarded.
[warning] Trying to access array offset on value of type bool PluginBase.php:187
[warning] Trying to access array offset on value of type bool PluginBase.php:187
[warning] Trying to access array offset on value of type bool PluginBase.php:187
[warning] Trying to access array offset on value of type bool PluginBase.php:187


[2.2.1] -- 2023-01-18
## Fixed
- Magazine articles showing an error message (MR-208)
- Date not appearing on articles and magazine articles when full-width-video2 module is enabled (MR-209)


[2.2.0] -- 2023-01-09
## Added
- The RCCL now has the ability to change one of the utility links to red. Instructions for making this change are in Appendix I: Adding a Red Link in the Utility Navigation Area in the Access and Installation document. (MR-207)
- Three new colors: pale blue (#92D6E3), pale teal (#87C3BE)and pale yellow (#FCE48B), to the following components: 50/50, Description & Summary Cards, Descriptive Links, Facts & Figures, Heading & Description, Special Announcement - Chaptered Page, and Transitions. In addition, transitions are now available in the full range of colors. Instructions for adding the new colors to an existing site are included in the Appendix K: Appendix K: Notes on Enhanced 50/50, Enhanced Photo Gallery, Enhanced Secondary Navigation in the Access and Installation document. (MR-204)
- Styling for Google Promoted Search is now available. For more information about implementing promoted search, see Appendix H: Configuring Google Promoted Search in the the Access and Installation document. (MR-191)
- There is a new Full-Width Video content type to resolve an issue with displaying multiple Vimeo videos on a page. Multiple videos, whether they are YouTube or Vimeo and Full-Width or part of an Enhanced 50/50 will now play. The legacy Full-Width Video has not been disabled, but it is recommended that it be removed from the content list. (MR-202) Instructions for removing the component from the content list in the Access and Installation document.
- Three new components have been added  (MR-202)
     - An Enhanced 50/50 component which can take a variety of content types in the image space including static images, ambient video, remote video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, as well as Lottie files (an animation file format).
     - An Enhanced Photo Gallery which is a flexible tool to present images and video on your site. There are four presentation formats, and each format can accept images or video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.
     - An Enhanced Secondary Navigation which provides an opportunity to let users navigate through sections of your site using a robust dropdown menu with three levels of links.
     - Information on installing the three new components can be found in the Access and Installation document.
     - Information on using the three new components can be found in the RCCL New Components document.

## Changed
- Page subtitle field on homepage has been updated to show as H2 instead of H3. (MR-172)
- The Undergraduate Major Finder has been updated so that for subjects taught in more than one location within a chancellor-led unit, all locations appear. (MR-203)
- Images embedded in the Rich Text component can now have captions that include bold, italic, and linked text. (MR-177)
- The date_range_formatter module has been pinned to version ^4.0.1 and a patch has been to fix display where there is no end date/time. (MR-205)
- The field_group module has been pinned to version ^3.3 and the patch for the old version has been removed from the composer.json file. (MR-206)
- On mini-site pages, scrollbars no longer appear on long navigation elements (MR-186)

[2.1.1] -- 2022-11-03
## RCCL Changes
- Resolves only one school per region displaying for a major (MR-196)
NOTE: before applying this patch, please review the instructions in Appendix F: Updating Undergraduate Program Finder Implementation Settings and Clearing Out & Updating Existing Data of the Access and Installation document.

[2.1.0] -- 2022-10-10
## RCCL Changes
- Resolves the deprecation warning when running PHP 8.1.x on Drupal core 9.4 (MR-197)
- Makes TikTok an available icon option in the Social Media component (MR-193)
- Removes aria label from background images on Hero Swoosh, Photo Feature 2-Column and 50/50 (MR-176)
- Restricts the Ctools package to version 3.x via composer.json (MR-199)

[2.0.14] -- 2022-08-24
## Newark Changes
     - RUN-169 - This is a Newark-only release. It contains bug fixes and a missing selector for new Rutgers-Newark hero which is needed for the pause/play button.

[2.0.13] -- 2022-08-23
## Newark Changes
     - RUN-169 - This is a Newark-only release. It adds a new hero component to the patternlab for use by Rutgers-Newark.

[2.0.12] -- 2022-07-29
## Newark Changes
     - RUN-156 - This is a Newark-only release that changes the way the new JS library is attached to the theme.

[2.0.11] -- 2022-07-22
## Newark Changes
     - RUN-152 - updates to the Rutgers-Newark header so that it matches the functionality of other sites in the RCCL

[2.0.10] -- 2022-06-10 
## Newark Changes
     - RUN-129 - fix js logic for home hero + banner

## RCCL Changes
     - Four Major Finder Permissions are set either when enabling the Major Finder modules, or when updating and running "$ drush updb"
     - Remove the "keyword" field from the rutgers_explore_programs module (Graduate Finder), since it is not needed, and having it there caused the view not to work.
     - Remove the name_3 field from the undergraduate program search.
     - Bumps minimum version of better_exposed_filters module and removed the patch from the composer.json file.
     - Fixed the module scheduler_content_moderation_integration to version 1.3 in the composer.json file so the patch will work.

[2.0.9] -- 2022-05-10
## RCCL Changes
     - Updated the YML files fix. The fix in v2.0.8 wasn’t complete.

[2.0.8] -- 2022-05-05
## RCCL Changes
    - Updated the YML fix
    - Added dependency for twig_tweaks to the rutgers_core module

[2.0.7] -- 2022-04-30
## RCCL Changes
    - Update facts-figures (MR-19)
    - Integrate the accessibility bug fix in tab link (events listing) (MR-23)
    - Fixing the nolink for author (MR-24)
    - Quotation Source and Quotation Description removed from "Styles" dropdown and Quotation can be added without surrounding quotes (MR-25)
    - Enable basic hero on Landing: Marketing (MR-32) 
NOTE: for existing sites, this has to be done manually. For instructions, see the documentation under the title “Enable Basic Hero on Landing: Marketing” in the Access and Installation Document
    - Breadcrumbs on events (MR-35)
    - No initial field_syndicate override (MR-44)
    - Replace old twig syntax that affected aria labels – MR-48
    - Mini-site menu: bottom of menu is visibly cut off on short-screen-widths or menus with lots of items – MR-136
    - Image "aligned left" in a Rich Text component loses whitespace on small-screen-widths – Mr-139
    - Added styling to fix images breaking out of parent when floating – MR-141
    - Accessibility Follow-up: Incomplete aria-label's on Drupal 9. Some twig lines were missed in MR-48. – MR-142
    - Search button in the main nav should be black not white. Affects only – MR-143
    - Change caret to black on – MR-147 – Affects only
    - Change 'Back to Magazine Home' to 'Back to Issue Home'. Affects only – MR-155
    - Fix descriptive links background image URL – MR-157
    - Fix error with rutgers twig extension being registered already – MR-158
    - Fix focus to stay on submit button after submitting cost calculator – MR-160
    - Fix toggling of submenus – MR-161
    - Add Meta tags to the Alternative Home Content Type – MR-162
NOTE: on existing sites this has to be done manually. For instructions, see the documentation under the title “Adding Meta Tags to the Alternative Home page Content Type” in the Access and Installation Document
    - Update views_infinite_scroll version to fix load more functionality. – MR-163
    - Resolve "Major Finder: Keyword Search is limited" – MR-164
NOTE: on existing sites this has to be done manually. For instructions, see the documentation under the title “Updating Major Finder Keyword Search (coming soon)” in the Access and Installation Document

[2.0.6] -- 2022-03-03
## RCCL Changes
    - Backs out the RUN-81 change that seemed to be the cause of the mini-site menus not working

[2.0.5] -- 2022-02-28
## Accessibility Changes
    - Search button aria-label changed to "Keyword Search".
    - The main header is now sticky on top, and it will place it in a white background.
## RCCL Changes
    - Adjust the regular expression used to extract the Vimeo ID in order to support the new URL format.
    - Added missing lines that will fix the questions fix for more than 50 revisions.

[2.0.4] -- 2022-02-21
## Newark Changes
    - Fix skip link, fix ally and voice over issues for nwrk homer-hero, fix white bar
    - Fix for Address and CTA link on Localist Event Importer
## Accessibility Changes
    - Removing script from twig template
    - The original fix for INC0305315 - Rec: The “Rutgers Today” section has multiple links to the same page had JavaScript code in a twig file. This change moved that code to a standalone JavaScript file.

[2.0.3] – 2022-02-03
## RCCL Added
    - Added the Workbench module to the RCCL
NOTE: If this module is to be used, it needs to be enabled and configured.
    - Added modules requested by OIT to the RCCL
    Media Entity File Replace, File Delete, Protected File, Protected Pages, and Redirect 403 to User Login
    - Made sure that the redirect module is enabled for new installations.  
NOTE:  for existing installations, check to see if the module is enabled. If it is not, enable it.
    - Added full_html to 5 components for new installations
        Landing: Marketing
        Landing: Informational
        Landing: Secondary
        Feature Article
        Mini-Site page
NOTE: for existing installations, the full_html paragraph type needs to be checked for each of the components to be available.
## RCCL Changes
    - Changed PatternLab placeholder image sizes
NOTE: this does not affect sites
    - Fixed Deprecated code in rutgers_core
    - Fixed RCCL-34 refactoring utility menu to support links, and no links with children
    - Fixed RCCL-37 Adjust filter.format.basic_html.yml
NOTE: clicking on the icon to insert social media posts only works with Twitter
    - Secondary Navigation - Fixed Configuration Added To Landing Pages Does Not Match Schema
NOTE: this only affects internal configuration.
## Accessibility Updates that were fixed
    - INC0305315 - Rec: The “Rutgers Today” section has multiple links to the same page
    - OCR Accessibility issue 28: visual focus lost on News components' image links
    - INC0305327 - Tab order is unexpected for expandable/collapsible navigation
    - INC0305331 - Topics expandable menu does not automatically close after tabbing through all menu items
    - INC0305307 - The tab section: The tabs are normally above the tab contents, not below. v2
    - Navigation on mobile/zoomed-in webpage stays open even after tabbing past all menu items
    - INC0305317 - Focus indicator is hard to see on blue backgrounds
    - INC0305312 The buttons/links under “People Are Asking…” heading do not look like interactive elements
    - Fix for mobile menu keyboard navigation
    - Accessibility for homepage locations tabbable component
    - Fix inaccessible labels in utility menu & main menu
    - Update utility menu accessibility fix to include keyboard events.
    - Fix utility menu accessibility.
    - Remove redundant News image links from tab order.
    - Fix mini-site sidebar menu accessibility in mobile view.
    - Fix accessibility for sub-menus of the mini-site sidebar menu.
    - Fix HTML escaping in minisite menu.
    - Fix submenus always having aria-hidden true (main and minisite menus)
    - Mobile Menu fixes
    - Mini site menu fix
    - Accessibility Location Tabs
    - Tab role
    - Fix for aria selected elements in page load
## Major Finder updates
    - Updated UndergraduateFeedProcessor.php
    - Added blank target to 'learn more' links for major finder (explore programs)
## Newark Changes
    - RUN-37 aria labels editable
    - RUN-28 more fixes to NWRK header for emergency banner state across templates
    - RUN-17 First pass at Newark Home Hero
    - RUN-43 fixing layout issue for news-filtered-display in landing news for nwrk
    - RUN-18 Adding library for new hero.
    - RUN-56 - replace raw images with fields, fix pagination, fix emergency banner,...
    - RUN-32 - fix flickr icon in the footer
    - RUN-20 fixing data issue braking markup
    - RUN-58 placing landing-news into core
    - RUN-59 Applyig patch for Better Exposed Filters to have support of AJAX with JQuery Datepicker.
    - RUN-23 fixed the emegrency banner link integration
    - RUN-68 fixing z index bug on newark header
    - RUN-70 more header fixes for Newark
    - RUN-28 - fix emergency banner z-index issue
    - RUN-80 fixing id issues with Newark Logos
    - RUN-17 First pass at homepage hero for Newark
    - RUN-81 header fixes for util nav in NWRK
    - RUN-71 - Accessibility fixes for nwrk hero
    - RUN-80 Fixes for header and logos on NWRK
    - RUN-69 - fix margin for visible alert pages on newark
    - RUN-94 adjusting padding for use case of news filtered in nwrk home
    - RUN-90 - fix ally on mobile for nwrk-home-slider
    - RUN-81 - fix arrow in utility menu
    - RUN-91 - fic util nav item color on mobile
    - RUN-91 - fix utility nav styles on mobile
    - RUN-91 - fix util menu on mobile
    - RUN-107 use search input type for search
    - RUN-105 Social media links, styled YT channel icon
    - RUN-52 added nwrk as a search container option
    - RUN-103 accessibility and bug fixes for NWRK heroRUN-115 fixing typo and style at localist import module
    - RUN-116 - safari animation performance, window resize fix Newark Hero
    - Module to import Localist events into RCCL sites.

[2.0.2] -- 2021-11-15  
## Added
Change that does not affect code
    - Resolve "Leverage GitLab CI/CD to run automation tasks"
## RCCL Changes
    - Resolves RCCL-45: Git issue #17  
    - Resolves RCCL-81: Empty aria labels
## Newark Changes
    - RUN-23 Newark emergency banner work
    - RUN-28 Newark Header and Footer
    - RUN-29 Adding scaffolding work for Newark Home Hero + final Home Header work
    - RUN-23, RUN-28 Fixing interaction bugs of the emergency banner with the NWRK header
    - RUN-38 option mapping in cost selector
    - RUN-20 Newark Explore Programs
    - RUN-45 removed notice on location map
    - RUN-43 no notice on missing link in tabbed aggregator
    - RUN-47 fixing small bug on header for NWRK home
    - RUN-38 value relabling for 1st question

[2.0.1] -- 2021-11-1
## Changed
    - Changed minimum stability to 'stable'
    - Changed the release's for dp_pattern_lab_loader & dp_twig_helper to 2.0.0
## Notes
This is a Drupal 9 release with a number of caveats:
     In order for syndication to work, a manual change must be made. Instructions are attached.
     Revisions are not functioning at this time. A new release will follow once that issue has been resolved.
     Aria-labels are also not functioning at this time. A new release will follow once that issue has been resolved.

[2.0.0] -- 2021-10-11
## Changed
    - Updated code for Drupal 9 support
    - Updated the following modules to Drupal 9 versions:
        drupal/entity_share – Note: Changed from DP version to version
        drupal/entity_share_websub – Note: Changed from DP version to version
    - Added “core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9” to all rutgers_* custom module info.yml files so they are Drupal 9 compatible.
## Notes
This is the first Drupal 9 release for the RCCL.
Syndication currently does not work.

[1.0.15] -- 2021-10-06
## Changed
    - Updated the Major Finder code to use Salesforce
## Notes
This is the last Drupal 8 release for the RCCL

[1.0.14] -- 2021-08-31
## Added
    - Secondary Nav Secondary navigation block should appear under the hero area.
    - News Landing Page: Make Topic Driven Components Available on this CT
## Fixed
    - Page Preview - Not Working Before First Save
    - Adding a Featured Topic to an alternative home page
    - Rollover photo grid title disappearing without description text
    - Paragraphs Editor Enhancement: include patch for "Undefined index: #id " bug
    - Fixes for padding for Facts and Figures and Descriptive Links
## Notes
In order for the patches to be applied correctly the following should be added to the site level composer.json file:


      "patchLevel": {

           "drupal/core": "-p2"


       "enable-patching": true,

       “composer-exit-on-patch-failure": true,



[] -- 2021-07-19
## Fixed
    - Added patch to core to make sure the Google Tag Manager loads successfully
    - Added patch to the paragraphs_ee module to eliminate the undefined index bug
    - Add Additional RCCL Dependencies To composer.json -- this resolves most of the install dependencies.
## Removed
    - Remove id from svg. There was a duplicate id name on a svg image. This was removed
## Notes
In order for the patches to be applied correctly the following should be added to the site level composer.json file:


      "patchLevel": {

           "drupal/core": "-p2"


       "enable-patching": true,



NOTE: for this release, do NOT include the
"composer-exit-on-patch-failure": true,
line in the “extra” section.

[] – 2021-05-20
## Fixed
    - Resolved dependency issues that were blocking the enabling of modules unless they were done in a specific order.
    - Fixed the dependency error for staff directory
## Removed
    - Removed duplicate module.
    - There were two copies of the date_range_formatter module. This update removed one of the copies.

[] – 2021-04-21
## Changed
    - Replaced scaffolding package/plug required

[1.0.13] – 2021-03-30
## Added
    - Anchor Link module to the ones that are automatically installed
    - modules to be enabled: optional_end_date, url_embed, embed,  menu_breadcrumb, redirect, ultimate cron, taxonomy_menu_ui
    - Full_Html to alternative home page content type
    - Full_Html to article content type
    - rutgers_fact_figures as a dependency to rutgers_article content type
    - alt tags to svg images in header & footer
    - Social_media to alternative home page
    - “External Editor” role
    - “Site Administrator” role
    - “tabs” block so that it shows for editing content
    - Alternative Home Page content type
## Changed
    - key message points field in articles to not required
    - default logo paths so they are correct on installation.  
    - footer: Link “Rutgers, the State University” to,  
    - “mail webmaster” to be either the form which goes to UCM or an email address, and removed the link to the sitemap
    - field Primary Topic in the Article content type to required
    - Made the field Primary Topic in the Article content type required.
    - Enabled the “Remove Format” button in the CKEditor styles
    - Enabled the Rich Text paragraph in the landing_marketing, landing_informational, and landing_secondary content types
## Removed
    - Removed accordion from the alternative home page hero component.
    - Removed hero paragraph types from the alternative home page content area.  
    - Removed shield from slim logo
    - Removed the email address that gets automatic notifications when there is a Drupal update.