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Get Started Using the RCCL

A Better Website Building Experience

Use the links below to get started using the Rutgers Core Component Library (RCCL).

Project Start-Up Checklist

 All units who are planning to use the Rutgers Core Component Library must complete the required steps below.  If applicable, please have your contracted external vendor submit the Terms of Usage Agreement form available below. 

  • Required for all RCCL-based projects: Provided by University Communications and Marketing, this demo provides an overview of the RCCL's design and functional benefits. We'll also discuss your own project and next steps.


    Project Information and RCCL Demo Request Form

  • The following two Communications Policies and Guidelines courses, and the Tutorial on Annual Website Certification process are required for internal website owners, editors, and technical leads. Outside vendors may access these courses if they have a guest Rutgers NetID.

    On the Canvas site, watch and take the quiz for each video module.

    (NetID login required for Canvas learning platform access.)

    Module 1: University Visual Identity

    Learn about how to use the university's visual identity system to benefit your unit.

    • Time: 10-15 minutes
    • Format: Web-based
    • Cost: Free for Rutgers Units

    Module 7: University Website Policy: Understand the university's website policies and best practices to better serve university audiences. 

    • Time: 10-15 minutes  
    • Format: Web-based
    • Cost: Free for Rutgers Units

    Website Certification Tutorial (See Guidelines & Best Practices): Understand how to certify your website annually in adherence with University Website Policy 

    Go to the Canvas Course Site: Enroll under Rutgers Communications Policies and Guidelines


  • Once you've decided to use the Rutgers Core Component Library, the website owner/manager and any contracted vendor must complete the Terms of Use Agreement.

    Fill Out the Terms of Use Agreement Form (Qualtrics)

    Please be sure to review the full text of the Terms of Use Agreement, which is summarized below:

    • All web developers using the RCCL, must:
      • Provide administrative and end-user training for the RCCL and any new components and any third-party tools needed to maintain the website. 
      • Submit prior to planned modifications or extensions of the RCCL information detailing technical and/or design changes in writing to the Component Library Working Group via the New Feature Form:
      • Provide full technical and end-user documentation for modifications and extensions to the RCCL by contacting the working group webdev team via the New Feature Form:
    • Comply with Rutgers Visual Identity and Website Policy, which includes the use of the Rutgers logo, color pallet, and branding as it is in the RCCL.
    • Accept the component library repository for use as-is except for bugs.
    • Use the Rutgers Core Component Library in a manner that is consistent with its intended use.
    • If the user is affiliated with Rutgers University-New Brunswick or Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS), obtain a project review from R-Comm office,
    • Accept full responsibility for modifications or changes.
    • Don't replicate the unique top-most homepage components of others without express written consent from the website owner.
    • Become a member of the RCCL-Drupal User Group (Rutgers Microsoft Teams Group).
    • Contribute best-in-class components or functionality back to the Rutgers Core Component Library.
    • Maintain user accessibility in accordance with university guidelines.


  • RCCL code may be obtained via Rutgers Gitlab by taking the necessary steps.

    Access may only be requested for a specific project. Only contracted vendors may obtain access. Before access is granted to the repo, the website owner (Rutgers unit leads) and developers must complete the requirements.


    1. Gitlab requester must have a Rutgers NetID or Guest NetID. Vendors may apply for a Guest Net ID with the sponsorship of the department they are working with. ​
    2. ​User must have and be on the Rutgers VPN Access​ ​
    3. Lead unit's website owner/editor must meet RCCL Access requirements, including:
      • Complete a demo review with University Communications and Marketing.
      • Website owner, main editors, and technical lead(s) must take the website policy and visual policy courses and quiz. Each on-demand video course is about 15-20 minutes.  Learn more​
      • Website developer and website owner must both submit Terms of Use Agreement form Both the website owner/unit project lead and contracted or staff website developer. Must submit this form. Access the forms:​

    Once the above requirements are met, the website developer can follow these steps to request codebase access.

    Submit RCCL Access Request

    • Send email to

    Email must include:

    • Subject: Grant RCCL Codebase Access
    • Your name (person or persons) need gitlab access
    • Rutgers NetID for all
    • Rutgers email for all
    • Company email addresses for all
    • Company name
    • Phone number
    • Website project unit owner (Rutgers unit lead)
    • Rutgers Department/Unit/Program
    • Project URL

    UCM Will Grant Gitlab Access

    After receiving your request, the Department of University Communications and Marketing will invite you to the Rutgers Gitlab:

    1. Sign on the Rutgers VPN
    2. Go to
    3. Click on the
      "Sign in with cas" button
    4. Once in configure your ssh keys
    5. At this point he should have access to the repose
    6. UCM will grant access to gitlab directories:​/drupal/profiles/rutgers-core​/drupal/modules/dp_twig_helper​/drupal/modules/dp_pattern_lab_loader​
    7. ​Developers must clone the repositories.

    Important Documentation​

    Developers should access Installation and Configuration Instructions (Teams Document)​. 

    RCCL Documentation


  • RCCL users will benefit by joining the Rutgers Core Component Library - Drupal User Group Team website, regardless of your use of Drupal. Access user guides and training material, post questions, and receive updates about the RCCL. Access to a private channel will be set up for your RCCL project. Members of the university who are not using the RCCL are also invited to join this community of website owners, managers, and enthusiasts. 

    Join the Drupal User Group Team
    (Rutgers NetID/Connect Account Required, Opens Microsoft Teams.)


  • Get documentation that provides installation, configuration, and information about the RCCL.

    RCCL Documentation

Access Credentials & Community Notifications

  • Rutgers employees already have NetIDs. Contracted vendors must secure the following credentials and accounts in order to access Rutgers Network-based tools, including the VPN and Rutgers Gitlab. 

    #1: Obtain a Guest NetID

    In order to access the installation files in GitLab, website technical administrators must have a Rutgers NetID. See the information provided to sign-up for a Rutgers Guest NetID.  Only vendors under contract may have Guest NetID access.
    Note: The Rutgers unit with whom the vendor is contracted must provide a sponsor name and Rutgers email (via Connect) that the vendor must include and use to request code access (see step below). For assistance, contact your unit's computing specialist as needed. 

    Rutgers Guest NetID Request System (See Form on top left of the page)

    #2 Rutgers Email address

    Website developers, including external contractors, must have a Rutgers email address (Rutgers Connect email) in order to have access to Office 365 Teams - Rutgers Website User Group access.  Please work with the unit you are working with to obtain a Rutgers-based email address. Please note that you can access your email via You do not have to be on VPN in order to access this email.  Note: It is prohibited by the university forward this email to an outside account. For assistance, contact your unit's computing specialist as needed. 

    #3 VPN Access

    Rutgers Gitlab is only accessible by being on Rutgers Virtual Private network. First, obtain your NetID, and then follow the steps listed here to access the VPN: For assistance, contact your unit's computing specialist as needed. 

    Get VPN Access


  • Consider your team, which must include:

    • Drupal Website Developer
    • Content Producer
    • Graphics or video creation and/or research

    Learn more about the Rutgers ACE Program to expedite procuring an external website development vendor or contact Rutgers OIT Website Consulting Services. Units may use any website developer.

    Note: Units affiliated with Rutgers-New Brunswick or RBHS schools, departments, or institutions may have website hosting requirements. For details, New Brunswick and RBHS-affiliated units should contact, R-Comm: Kat Nathan, or Marsha Samual,

    Additional team roles to consider are: 

    • Project Manager
    • Technical Lead
    • Server Administrator
    • Information Architect
    • Photo and image research and editor
    • Website Designer (if developing new component designs)
  • Download installation and configuration information, web style guide, CMS user guide, and more.

    Go to CMS User Guide

    See More RCCL Documentation

Third-Party Resources & Tools

In order to use some functionality within the RCCL third-party resources and licenses are needed. Some resources are provided via Rutgers and some require a fee, and must be purchased by the website unit. 

  • Website hosting is required for any website.

    • Units must secure web-hosting services, either cloud-based or on-premises servers. Rutgers Office of Information Technology offers website hosting, and check with your school or unit's central communications office or IT department to see if it offers website-hosting.
    • Units affiliated with Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences must follow requirements established by the Office of Rutgers Communications who has selected Pantheon as its preferred web-hosting provider.

    Rutgers OIT Pantheon Website Hosting

    • Provided through Rutgers Office of Information Technology (OIT) Website Consulting Services, Pantheon's fee-based cloud hosting may include the following, as needed:
      • One-time setup fee
      • NetID integration fee
      • Annual administrative fee
      • Hosting fee: Starting at $25 up to $2,083+/month (as of 10/20/2021)
      • For advanced plans, the annual Advanced Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) fee
      • Optional: Website maintenance contract, for ongoing support (pre-paid fee with minimum hourly requirement)
      • Pantheon hosting is based on:
        • Monthly visits (For more information on how pageviews are counted, please refer to Pantheon’s Traffic Metrics. Your Pantheon Site Dashboard includes site traffic, measured against your plan.)
        • Number of custom/vanity domains

    Rutgers Website Consulting Service Pricing (NetID Login Required)

    View Pantheon hosting features
    (The pricing on Pantheon's page does not apply to university units that contract through Rutgers OIT. For university-rate pricing, contact Rutgers OIT Website Consulting Services for enterprisewide pricing.)


  • The RCCL requires that videos are hosted via YouTube or Vimeo, both cloud-based hosting sites.

    Standard Videos:

    To display or use videos with sound on your RCCL site, simply use a link from YouTube to add your video to the "Media Library", using the Import from Media Library button on available component editor, such as in Rich Text or Full HTML component.  You can also use the embed code generated by YouTube to embed into Rich Text or Full HTML components. To do so, first click on the "Source" button in the CKeditor and then paste your embed code in the page. You may not see the full video in the editor, but you will see a yellow outline and an "Edit Media" tab. Hit save. See the Rich Text Component for more details.


    Ambient Video

    The website owner must go to this website and purchase a license.  You can only use Vimeo Standard (formerly Pro) or higher to play ambient video in the RCCL. In order to play ambient video in various select components, you must have a Vimeo account with the “Standard” level or higher. 

  • The website owner must go to this website and purchase a license.,,  is used to feed the social media component. A Curator IO account must be licensed by the website owner. You must have the business level or above. 

    Go to Curator.IO to Learn More

    Learn more about the Social Media Component

  • You can use any analytics tool that you prefer. However, if you are using Google Analytics DO NOT put code into the header of each page of the site. The RCCL includes a Google Tag Manager module that must be used, if you are using Google Analytics. Instructions for installing and configuring this code are in the Installation and Configuration Guide available for download.  See the RCCL Documentation page to download the Installation and Configuration guide.


    If you have questions, please contact 

  • The Google Maps API is used to display the maps as part of the Events CT. The map displays an editor adds an “address” to an event. To obtain the Google Map API Key complete the form below:

    Complete Google Maps API Request Form



  • The RCCL provides for the use of Google Search, which is the search tool used by Rutgers OIT. Rutgers OIT office provides access to the university’s non-profit Google Search tool.  Units may integrate a different preferred tool. 

    Rutgers OIT has the capability to create ad-free Google search engines through the ScarletMail platform. Google's NOads search product, Programmable Search Engine (PSE) was formerly known as Custom Search Engine (CSE).  For most purposes the names are interchangeable so please don't be alarmed by CSE references. 

    Request Form For ScarletMail Programmable Search Engine Request (Google Search ID)

    Important Note: Requestor must have a scarletmail email address. To set up a scarletmail address: 

    1. Go to and select Service Activation.  

    1. Login with your NetID and select ScarletApps, including ScarletMail.  

    1. Then select Activate Services at the bottom of the page.