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FAQ content generally requires the ability to clearly distinguish and pair questions with answers. Check out various ways to achieve this content design in the RCCL.

Chaptered Page

Communicating about Rutgers, FAQ page

Using the Chaptered Page content type, FAQs are separated into main categories with each category provided a separate chapter tab. The first tab is simply an introductory text. Learn about the Chaptered Page content type.



Undergraduate Admissions, Scholarship FAQ page

Using the Accordion component, FAQs are served up as questions with the answer available when the user expands the row using the plus sign. The Accordion is a great way to provide a lot of information on a page without presenting the user with large blocks of text. Learn about the Accordion component.

Article Content Type

Careers, Exploration & Success, Article about FAQs for an inclusive job search using the Article content type

Using the Article content type, these FAQs take front-and-center by using this article content type. Using this format allows the editor to easily incorporate this content on other pages using components that pull in or that manual feature article content types. Learn more about the Article content type.