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The Rutgers Component Library Working Group (CLWG) evaluates and assesses all feature ideas based on breadth of feature application, technical feasibility, and usability.



    Roadmap - New -Feature Evaluation Process

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    New Feature Proposed​

    • Submit New Feature Form​

    Feasibility Study​

    • Requirements gathering​
    • Proof of concept​

     Working Group Review Submissions​

    • Discussion & Evaluation​
    • Technically Feasible/Secure​
    • Pros vs. Cons​
    • Broad vs. Limited Use​

     If Approved, Feature Added to Development Queue



    RCCL New Feature Technical Development Process

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    Technical & Design Planning & Development​

    • UCM/OIT-Managed Development​
    • ​Contributed Code from Other Units/Vendors​

    GIT Issue & Branch Created​

    • Self-help or UCM-managed (TBD)​

    Code & Quality Assurance (QA)​

    • Local testing by the developer​

    Merge Request Created in Git​

    • Two testers needed for approval of merge request.
    • If code and front end approved, request to merge new feature into code based is created.​
    • If code is not approved, code returns to development and testing.​

    UCM Merges Code into RCCL​

    • Post-Merge testing required​

    Individual Sites May Update Code





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